Our Beginning

How it all began…………………………………..

Way back in the nineties a chance meeting between Husband and Wife Jo’ and Larry, and a bio chemist who had dedicated his working life to producing toxin free everyday bathroom products and skin care, changed their life forever.

Larry & Jo

They were amazed at the vast number of potentially harmful chemicals contained in everyday products and that not all ingredients had to be listed.

Together they set out to make others aware of the potentially harmful ingredients we unwittingly put on and in our bodies. These oestrogen mimicking ingredients upset the hormonal balance in the body and can even be a precursor to cancer. Worse still they contribute to premature aging – especially skin care and sun protection creams.


That was almost thirty years ago and Jo has been using the skincare ever since, and at 70 people cannot believe the condition of her skin nor her age.

Today there is a full range of products which are not only safe to use but deliver the desired results and are value for money – the key factors in today’s world.

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